Something About Six


July 2016

There is something about turning six that just reminds this Momma that her son is growing up in a blink of an eye. Just like the years before, year number five has been a big adventure. This is my diary to you, dear son, so we can remember what the fabulous fifth year looked like for us. The members of your “fan club” will enjoy this blog post and all others-well, it may be too long of a read.

Five has been a dirty year. You come home from school so dirty from a day of fun learning and play. I have purchased and used more bottles of stain removal spray this year, than I have in my entire lifetime. I am pretty sure I have gained muscle mass from scrubbing your finger nails every night. At school this year, you told your class I was pregnant, when I was not. You learned the “f-bomb” the first week of school but weren’t quite sure what you learned or how to use it. I spent the first week of school drawing dinos and funny pictures on your lunchbox napkin, until you told me to “stop because it was so weird.”

As rough as you are, you have a sensitive heart. You are the ethical watchdog of the family for catching us saying a “bad” word. I remember one day after a verrryyyy long day, your father and I were talking about something and I may have used a “bad” word during what I thought was our private conversation. I didn’t think you were listening, but you were quick to say that I hurt Jesus’s heart and Mary’s and Joseph’s too because of my poor choice in words. Talk about a guilt trip.

You experienced the loss of your paternal grandmother this year. You tell us often you miss her. During the funeral procession, you asked to carry her urn to the gravesite. When I told you “no” because it was too heavy and that you might drop it, you replied in amazement “well, then grandma could be everywhere.”

You are a backseat driver. You are constantly worried about people littering. You love the outdoors. You still pick up all kinds of creatures. Your teacher dubbed you the class bug catcher. You like to draw and make things with your hands.

You are still obsessed with Legos. You had a brief stint of all things Pokémon. You love anything Star Wars. You like WWE. You like the show Family Game Night-it’s on our bucket list to be on that show one day. You love Little Big Shots and have said,” if I just had a band I could do that show.” You love American Ninja Warrior and BattleBots. You have discovered neighborhood friends and you all have a blast playing together and eating popsicles. Your best bud is your cousin, Cole. You are always quick to remind him that you are bigger than him by an entire six months. Your favorite playmate is still Daddy. You look forward to “home days” which are what we call Saturday and Sunday. On home day mornings, the first words out of your mouth are “let’s go upstairs and play Daddy.”

You still say you want to go to college at Notre Dame. You want to be “Cooper the Wild Animal Adventurer” and have a show one day. You tell us you want to live with us forever and you are not getting married because kissing is gross. You still have a sweet tooth. You eat the same foods you have the last five years. You did expand your horizons and add Meijer’s soft pretzels and Lunchables to your mix. We love our Starbucks dates where I get coffee and you get a cake pop (who said you can’t have a cake pop for breakfast, right?).

This year you were fierce on the soccer field in your Viper cleats. You learned to ice skate. You like to fish. You love playing games. You love to hide and scare the bejeebers out of me EVERY single morning. You moved up a belt in karate class. You learned how to swim. You know all kinds of new things about math and the planets. You love Snapchap (SnapChat). You keep up with politics and can tell people about Hillary Kitten, Bernie Sandwich, and Donald Trump. You love your family and enjoy doing special things with each member of the family. You loving celebrating anything celebratable and creating various family traditions. You are always counting down to something- the school week, vacation, birthday, Christmas, etc.

In the car you constantly ask questions like “how much is 1,379,441 plus 891 plus 62,300,101? Umm…here’s the iPhone-add it up. Or you ask things like “how many armpits does a starfish have since it has a bunch of arms?” Speaking of questions, you are so inquisitive about family history. Recently you asked me if my great great great great great great great grandmother died in the ancient times of 1996. Well, not really that was the year mommy graduated from high school.

You have inherited my love of music and my ability to sing the wrong lyrics to songs. We have had lots of laughs singing this year. Our loud voices have caused your Dad to go crazy at times. Some of my favorite song memories are:

  • Not too long after your first month in a catholic based Montessori school, you learned to belt a new song. Since we are not of the catholic faith, it took me a little while to decipher “Holes on Earth in the Highest” to be Hosanna in the Highest. Shout out to my catholic friends for help on that.
  • At Christmas time you couldn’t get enough of Rudolph’s “why are you such a fitbit (misfit)?”
  • We both had a lot of fun with Adele’s song “Hello” -we would crack ourselves making song lyrics to the tune.
  • You like to sing Mumford & Sons’ “I will wait for you.” Ironically, usually when I was waiting on you. Have I mentioned I started calling you turtle this year because you are never in a hurry-a quality I need to learn from you. You have dubbed yourself the Christmas Turtle-because both are slow to arrive.
  • If we heard them once, we heard them 10000000000000000 times. “I like big butts and I cannot lie” or “Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days, When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed ouuuuuttt” or “Ah ya ya ya ya I keep on hoping we`ll eat cake by the ocean.”
  • And there are more songs- “Give it to me I’m worth it, Baby I’m worth it, Uh huh I’m worth it,” or your revised version of Rihana’s “we DON’T want to go to work, work, work, work.”
  • However, the ear worm you just can’t seem to get enough of these days (but ALL of us around you have had enough) is our state song “My Old Kentucky Home.”

You have lost two teeth and you were certain you heard the tooth fairy buzzing around your ear when she visited you. You cut your own hair recently with cuticle scissors. This is the first year of your life we haven’t had a dislocated elbow! You are convinced you have found one strand of hair on your “dude” (aka man parts) and that you are becoming a man. I am pretty sure it was cotton fuzz. When I couldn’t walk this year due to surgery, you had way more fun riding my scooter than I did and took great joy out of hiding it from me.

You have so many funny words and sayings. You think the world “wifi” is a cool word and use it like a gangsta. You make a funny high pitch voice and say “oh my gosh Brittney” when you act shocked. You like to say “mailed it” (nailed it) when you do something good. You say “that smells like sandwiches” if something stinks. You talk about how your heart “beaps” (beats) and that your friend’s mother “breathfeeds” her baby (breastfeed- and you believe it is through breath-you totally don’t get this one).

We have had lots of great adventures. We have hiked at the Garden of the Gods and Stone Mountain, hung out in museums, and watched movies. We took an airboat ride in Florida. We had a blast a SeaWorld where you became totally hacked that Shamu splashed you-like level 10 melt down. You still love water and waterparks. You love the beach. You are obsessed with laser tag. You have spent countless hours playing on your inflatable waterslide in the backyard. We have had snow ball fights and splashed in the rain.

Every morning on our way to school we laugh and make jokes about a strange manikin that sits on the front porch of a house we pass by. You have named him “Robert Jr.” Every morning we say hi to Robert Jr. when we drive by-he practically feels like family now. You like for your Mimzi (grandmother) to pick you up from school early so you can hang at her house, eat snacks, and play on the iPad. You take all of my loose change to Mimzi’s house because you are saving for a monster truck. Hopefully monster truck is code for “college fund.” You love Chucky Cheese with your Poppy and going to the farm with your Poppa.

At Montessori school you shared with me that a priest told you that everyone had “sin.” When I asked you what that meant you said “duh, Mom it is all over your body” and pointed to my “skin.” You also told me that you gave up chocolate for lent. But that I could give you a piece of chocolate because lent meant that you just couldn’t get a piece of chocolate yourself. Religion, it really is up to individual interpretation, isn’t?

We love your funniness, quick wit, kind heart, and adventurous spirit. I love holding your dirty hands, feeling your squeezing hugs, and lending my nose for an Eskimo kiss. What a great year number five has been loving you!

Today my spoon is full of gratefulness for the many good memories we have made.


2 thoughts on “Something About Six

  1. Coop-A-Rific!! I look forward to seeing this little guy at school this year. He has made me laugh, reminded me of things my son did many years ago, warned me of adventures and other things to look forward to with these twin grandsons of ours, and warmed my heart with his wisdom and kindness.

    You and Clay are to be commended on your parenting skills. You have both done a splendid job with CoopMan. He is a treasure.

    Thank you for sharing his adventures with everyone, or at least with those of us who take the time to read it. This particular entry seemed like a preview of the Coop to come. The world would be a much better place if we had more people like Coop in it.

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