I am Brown Bear!

Is it a person, place or thing? Brown Bear is a “person” at our house. He was given to my precious bundle of Coop at my Baby Shower by two very dear childhood friends. Once he was evicted from living in my belly…all 9.5lbs of him, my son, Coop, was instantly attracted to Brown Bear. This may have been because Brown Bear set on a dresser near his crib with a tranquil face as Coop lay nestled is his bed snuggled with his “Blue” blanket given to him by a dear friend from my college years (okay, usually he was screaming…remember the colic blog). I remember his first interaction with Brown…he (my son, not the bear) was just learning to scoot around the house and he came slivering down the hallway with Brown hanging out his mouth like a dog with a chew toy. Brown had fallen off the dresser and from that point on Coop and Brown have been friends. Brown has been slobbered on, chewed on, peed on, and thrown up on. He has been snuggled, tossed, fed, ran over by motor toys, met the fate of swords and other miscellaneous tools and survived. And I have a sneaking suspicion that he has endured even more adventures than I care to know. I try to make a conscious effort to come home during lunch once a week and throw him in the washing machine for a bath-he takes a delicate spin in the lingerie bag. Brown has been quite the traveler, as well as Blue. He’s accompanied us on planes, trains, and automobiles to Florida, Virginia, Texas and LOTS of places in between. We have spent all trips at the homes of family/friends and hotels with Brown in tow and I am equally concerned about losing or leaving Brown somewhere as I am my child. How do you replace a bear that has withstood so much? You can’t.

I have noticed in the last few months that Brown gets tossed to the side more than he used to. Brown isn’t the first thing on my son’s mind when he goes to bed or wakes up. However, he always wants him when he is sick or wants to be snuggled. And…any parent who has watched Toy Story a gazillion times, starts subconsciously giving life to toys! Seeing Brown lying around the house reminds me a lot about motherhood. I have been slobbered on, chewed on, etc…just like old Brown. I have survived stepping on Legos and being attacked by a two-year old pirate. My toddler constantly reminds me that “he am big” and he can do any task “himself”. He asks me if his legs look longer, as he stretches high on his tippy toes. He asks when will he be three and he even wants his baby teeth to fall out because he “not a baby, I’m a big boy.” He can get his own snacks, get himself dressed (I am not saying he doesn’t look like a clown) and go to the potty. When I get him out of the car at daycare he tells me not to hold him “no more-that’s it”. I feel your pain, Brown, I know what is liked to be tossed aside as our little guy gets older. However, just like you ….I will be ready and waiting when he wants to snuggle or isn’t feeling so well and wants his Brown and Momma.

Today my spoon is full the realization that I am Brown Bear.

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